The Past

Roger Kortman, the original founder and owner of Kortman Electric, has a long history in the electrical industry. Little did he know that this history would bring the experience, confidence and passion to someday build his own company. Roger's electrical career started out as a summer job in the 1950's that was confidently communicated as "temporary" to his father, who was also an electrician. This "temporary" summer job soon turned permanent and the years and experience produced continued opportunities for advancement. From 1971 to 1982 Roger managed Liberty Electric, a well established electrical firm in Phoenix. When Liberty Electric sold to a new investor, this provided the opportunity for Roger to establish Kortman Electric.

Kortman Electric
"Kortman Electric has been a business partner of the Arizona Diamondbacks for several seasons, and has been a leader and trusted friend in their industry. I look forward to working with everyone at Kortman Electric for years to come."
Director, Suite Sales, AZ Diamondbacks

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