5 Reasons for Kortman to Update Your Business to LED Lighting

Kortman has been in the LED market for the past decade completing small office space retrofits to whole building upgrades.

Lighting is essential in our daily lives and plays a critical role in business operations. From employee safety to building security and better product displays, lighting is an important part of all businesses. Although often taken for granted, it also comprises a significant portion of the typical electricity bill – from 42% in small offices to 55% for other retail buildings, according to the Public Service Utility Companies. Nationally, commercial buildings account for half of all lighting electricity in use today.

The good news is that lighting upgrades are relatively simple and cost-effective. Increasing lighting efficiency can easily provide the following significant benefits.

  • Save Money – Significantly lowering electric bills
  • Save Energy – Lowering demand on the local utility and reducing the need for more power plants
  • Reduce Maintenance – LED Lighting lasts between 10x and 20x longer than older technology
  • Improve Comfort – LED Lighting provides better, more consistent lighting helping improve eye comfort
  • Save the Environment – No more Mercury in our landfills, 100% recyclable products

Kortman saves you money and helps protect our environment through smart energy management. We’re certain you’ll appreciate the significant savings this proposal outlines, and we look forward to serving you.

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