Labor Efficiency

Kortman Journeymen on a Conveyor Project
Kortman team members on a Conveyor Project at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Kortman is dedicated to developing and maintaining the finest workforce of skilled electricians and technicians available. Labor management successfully shapes our workforce through aggressive recruitment, exceptional training, and a regular employee review process. These efforts assist our team in delivering maximum performance and satisfaction.

Labor management provides a qualified and motivated workforce through:

  • Providing oversight and direction to a formal apprenticeship program that increases electrical knowledge on the way to earning Journeyman status.
  • On-the-job training to monitor, supplement, and reinforce skills.
  • Education for Leadmen and Foremen to provide consistency in the application of on-the-job training and opportunity.
  • Additional educational opportunities for employees to grow and remain current regarding changing codes, technology, safety, and methodology.

We are also committed to providing our clients a professional workforce through:

  • Monitoring the attitude and attendance of field personnel.
  • Close evaluation of new hires.
  • Requiring drug-free and safety-conscious field crews.
  • Providing uniformed team members equipped with proper tools.
  • Maintaining zero-tolerance harassment and discrimination policy.
  • Employment of individuals with legal U.S. work authorization.
  • A focus on long-term employment, through competitive pay, incredible benefits, and a family/work balance.

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