Industrial Ethernet

Kortman Electric is able to support all of your Industrial Ethernet needs. We install and service everything from solar tracking farms to security to control structures to long haul transportation of data. We can install both cat5e/cat6 ethernet cables, as well as, fiber optic cabling that allows for a high functioning backbone for large and/or long distance data transfer. 

Industrial Ethernet in Solar Tracking Farms

Due to the need for high amounts of data to be transferred accurately, ethernet is a great option for anyone working in the solar tracking/power industry. Through the use of ethernet cabling a solar farm can transfer data accurately over long distances.


Ethernet Stands Up to Extreme Conditions

When working in a mine or other environment that involves extreme hot, cold, wet, or dry conditions ethernet is the best option for the job. Through the use of special casing, Industrial Ethernet can stand up to even the toughest environments. Routers and switches are specially made to be able to handle temperatures well below freezing and above what normal technology can bear.


Control Structures Use Ethernet

Water treatment and monitoring plants necessitate a system that runs on very little human interaction. If you need your plant to run almost completely automated, come to Kortman; we can install an ethernet network that will keep your control structures working without constant maintenance.


A Lot of Data and A Long Trip

If your company deals with large amounts of data and traffic or you have data that needs to be transported a long distance without losing information, you need Ethernet or a Fiber Backbone. Through these technologies large amounts of information can be dealt with and transferred long distances with ease.

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