Industrial Ethernet in Solar Tracking Farms

 Solar Tracking Farms Use Industrial Ethernet


Through industrial Ethernet, solar tracking farms are able to capture and transfer more information accurately, than with other data transfer systems

Accuracy Over Speed

When working in solar tracking and solar energy, it is much more important that large quantities of data be transferred properly, not necessarily quickly. Industrial ethernet allows for the data to be transferred accurately and quickly without having to worry about losing data halfway through the trip. This means less money out of pocket to get your data where it needs to be quickly and accurately.

One Parent to Many Children

Industrial ethernet allows for a large number of connections between one parent and many child nodes. This allows one “supervisor” computer to control many different “worker” computers that collect the necessary data from the tracking farm, so you don’t have to pay for more than one major computer system, saving you time and energy getting your system up and running.


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