Industrial Ethernet Transportation

Long Haul and Fiber Backbone are the two forms of data transportation.

Long haul transport is the process of taking data and making it travel for very long distances, in some cases this transport takes place over many miles. This means that data packets can be sent uninterrupted between two sites at a great speed and distance without losing any information along the way.


Fiber in Traffic Cabinets

The reason that fiber cabling is so important in high traffic environments is that it can handle more traffic than other forms of cabling. Imagine fifty cars going down a two-lane road compared to fifty cars going down a ten lane highway, this is the difference between fiber and other forms of cabling.

Large Amounts of Data

The most important feature of both of these technologies is the amount of data that they can transfer. Fiber and long haul ethernet can handle data sizes that far exceed standard cabling, this allows for a cost effective solution in times when it is necessary to handle very large data loads.

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