Integrated Systems

Kortman Electric can help you design a low-voltage integrated system that will help save money, protect, entertain and focus customers’ attention.

  • Focus on customer safety – Lighting & CCTV
  • Detect and aid in deterring criminal activity – Lighting & CCTV
  • Monitor employee/customer activity – Lighting & CCTV
  • Save the property money in energy savings – Lighting
  • Safety, mass notification, music designed for large areas that have high intelligibility and crispness in sound
  • Enhance the retail or workplace with the latest in visual experience with kiosks or LCD panels.

Energy costs are at an all-time high. Make the right lighting choice.

If you have a building that requires lighting 24/7 it’s time to look into low-voltage LED lighting, not only will they last twice as long as normal bulbs, they are less expensive to maintain.

Working in a call center can be noisy, but not with a proper sound masking system.

Sound masking systems use white and pink noise to remove other noise by masking it. These low-frequency sounds are barely audible and will prevent higher frequency noises from disturbing others.

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