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Our Energy Solutions Division focuses on adding to our client’s financial bottom line by saving them money on all energy costs, as well as creative recommendations for managing their electrical equipment depreciation schedules and tax programs.

We provide a wide range of exciting options to reduce facility operating expenses.  We offer financial savings solutions through renewable energy, energy-efficient products & extended warranty programs that include parts and labor for up to 10 years.

Advanced energy savings solutions benefit the bottom line though incredible savings and advanced financial planning associated with your electrical equipment use. 

Our products and solutions feature:

  • LED Lighting: We offer a wide variety of high-tech LED lighting products, both for new construction and retrofit conditions. Modern LED lighting consumes significantly less energy, generates less heat, has a long, zero-maintenance lifespan and improves lighting conditions. Low or no out-of-pocket options may be available by utilizing rebates, incentives, and special financing programs.  Learn more about the benefits of our our exciting LED Lighting Program: Kortman LED Lighting Solutions
  • Solar Power: Reduce energy cost and utility dependence by harnessing the power of the sun with photo-voltaic electricity generation. We have over 17 years of experience with solar energy installations, maintenance, and repair.  Learn more about our Solar Power Solutions: Kortman Solar Power Solutions
  • Solar Cooling:  Reduce heating and cooling costs using the Sun’s thermal energy to offset the electrical demand of your cooling systems.  This product is offered through the use of an exclusive proprietary thermal energy solution provided by (SunTrac Solar).
  • Electric Vehicle Charging: As leading installers of Electric Vehicle Chargers for nearly a decade, we have hundreds of residential and commercial locations in Arizona. Learn more: Kortman Electric Vehicle Chargers
  • Third Party Financial Solutions: Implement any of our energy services and solutions with special finance programs.  Additionally, take advantage of third party consulting to help ensure you are maximizing your equipment depreciation & Section 179D deductions.

Today’s customers want to deal with companies who are committed to our environment. 

Whether you’re looking for financial savings, energy independence, or lowering your operating & maintenance costs, our Energy Solutions Group can guide you towards a solution that will exceed your expectations!

Call us to schedule a free energy audit. Our team of experts can assess your facility and provide money saving financial solutions for your facility.  We provide data, assistance with rebates and incentives, a range of high-tech products, and the skilled professional installers to meet your goals.

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