LED Lighting Solutions

The Kortman LED Lighting Advantage

Let us upgrade your lighting systems to high-quality, modern LED technology.  Our programs can save significant money on utility bills. Let us show you the incredible benefits of a Kortman LED lighting retrofit on your facility.

DETAILS: Qualified projects will receive a Free Lighting Audit,  an in depth assessment of all applicable light fixtures.  Most projects come complete with a full financial breakdown of the costs, incentives, internal rate of return on investment, payback period, and the estimated hazardous emissions that will be eliminated as a result of the reduced energy demand.

PRICE: Kortman has unique, direct relationships direct from manufacturers and distributors of high-quality LED lamps and fixtures. We do not have to pass along high distributor markups to our customers.  We are also an Authorized Certified Dealer through the Energy Efficiency Pros (EEPros) network, often allowing us to get distributor level pricing. We can bring our customers very competitive and fair pricing.

FINANCIAL INCENTIVES:  We partner with our local utilities,  Arizona Public Service Company (APS) and Salt River Project (SRP),  to ensure that our clients the financial incentives they offer to  offering you as further incentive to switch to LED. Our network of partners allows us to find several tax advantages available to qualified property owners.

No Budget? 

Qualified customers could receive a complete energy and money saving lighting transformation…with $0 out of pocket!! 

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