Intelligent Building Systems

We see smart building technology changing the industry and we embrace it.  We are working at the point of merger between traditional electrical power and low-voltage data and communications systems.  The Internet of Things (IOT) has joined with electrical construction, blurring the line between the formerly distinct trades forever.  We train our electricians on the installation of POE (power over ethernet) , fiber optic infrastructure, and other technical systems to support premise/cloud-based solutions and wireless mesh networks, while our low-voltage technicians are exposed to the electrical construction trade.  

Great Wolf Lodge
Great Wolf Lodge, Scottsdale/Salt River, AZ

We can integrate electrical systems that operate on communication infrastructures (PON / POEso that one network can manage and power: lighting, voice, data, Wi-Fi, premise protection (access control, intrusion, surveillance and facial recognition), BMS (building management systems), audiovisual, and life safety (fire alarm / DAS). 

Yes, our systems can manage and power.  POE lighting has been around for a number of years, but Kortman has achieved the next step of designing it to be powered via a PON (Passive Optical Network) solution with remote hardened edge devices (ONT – Optical Network Terminal), operating on the same network solution as phones and computers.  With our solution partners, we are a leader in this solution. 

We do not operate two business models under one roof, we have one organization with one team, transforming the industry.  Combining our Intelligent Building Systems with full electrical offerings, Kortman is a one-stop-shop where smart building technologies and electrical systems merge!


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