Passive Optical LAN

Lehman Academy of Excellence, Tucson, AZ

A Passive Optical Local Area Network (POL) is an enterprise network solution that allows more network capability in less space.  Our POL solutions utilize a fiber-optic structure to manage more devices and services with less cabling.  In addition, it allows for a reduced independent distribution frame (IDF) footprint.  This frees up valuable facility space for other uses. 

Often, a Passive Optical Network (PON) is a technology that brings fiber to the premises (FTTP) or fiber to the home (FTTH).  These networks connect subscribers to their external internet service providers.  ISP companies such as COX Communications use the technology to deliver services, such as TV, internet, and telephone.  Kortman takes this technology indoors! 

By utilizing fiber, we are able to decrease the amount of cabling and hardware required to bring critical services to all points of a facility, often at great distances.  The installation time and space are reduced measurably, compared to legacy cabling methods.

A passive optical networks efficiently deliver connectivity for a host of end-user, internet protocol (IP) devices and services such as:  

    • Speakers (audio-visual and paging applications) 
    • Cameras (surveillance) 
    • Digital signage & visual projections
    • Access controls
    • Building Management Systems
    • Wi-Fi
    • Lighting
    • much more! 

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