Premise Protection

Premise Protection refers to both the hardware and software components designed to offer security to your business’s assets, personnel and data.  Managing primary points of entry with access controls, protecting the vulnerable areas of your building envelope with intrusion protection and, monitoring pathways into and within your facility are all crucial to the safety and wellbeing of your property and assets.  If your facility is not staffed after hours, a great option for a fully protected premise protection solution is third-party monitoring.  Kortman offers a variety of premise solutions to help you achieve the full protection of your premises.  

 A key component to the design and installation of a well-planned solution would include evaluation of the following scenarios of your Business’s potential threats, examples include: 

    • Active shooter 
    • Conditions for lockdowns 
    • Areas for Restricted access 
    • Emergency Response  
    • Emergency Egress  
    • Multi-System Integration 

Kortman Premise Protection: Access ControlsSurveillance Cameras Intrusion

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