Voice Over Internet

Voice over internet protocol (VOIP or internet telephony) is the technology used to deliver voice and multimedia communications across the internet.  There are a number of terms related to internet protocol (IP) networks, internet telephony, broadband phone services, broadband telephony, each referring to different provisional methods for delivering communication services.  These include voice, voice messaging, SMS and fax over the internet.  IP networks replace traditional public switched telephone networks (PSTN) also known as plain old telephone service (POTS).   

worker punching telephone lines
Kortman technician installing voice over internet infrastructure

Kortman offers both IP Premise and IP Cloud solutions for IP Network communication services:

  • IP Premise: 

    An IP Premise solution provides onsite server management for your IP Network. With local storage for voice mail and voice to email control.    

  • IP Cloud:

    A cloud-based solution simply moves the servers out of the local environment and into a managed solution, usually hosted by a service provider.   


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