Structured Cabling

Do you have a network that requires multiple different data connections and hardware? If you do then structured cabling is the answer to your problems. Through the use of a structured cabling system, a building can be broken down into subsystems. These subsystems in turn allow for the different data connections to be established, these connections could be Internet, TV, voice, or many more.

Commercial Buildings Require Different Connections

Working in a commercial building necessitates that there be many different connections available for data to travel through. This could include telephone, internet/data, and CCTV/security systems.

Multi-Dwelling Mixed Use Buildings Have Many Data Needs

Creating a Multi-Dwelling Mixed Use (MDMU) space can be difficult to plan, by implementing  a structured cabling environment, much of this hassle can be avoided. Using structured subsystems a building can have correct connections ready for each space depending on its projected use.

Manufacturing Plants Use Structured Cabling for Automation

Using structured cabling in a manufacturing environment allows for the plant to run smoothly. With structured cabling the automation of your manufacturing plant becomes a breeze, you could create a system that requires only one main point of physical access while the cabling allows for control over the rest of the environment.

Schools are Diverse in Their Data Needs

School buildings require a diverse set of cabling to manage telephone and data needs, as well as, audio visual equipment and on-site security systems. Also as is the case with many schools, this cabling must be able to span long distances from one end of campus to another.

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