Supporting the Navajo Nation During COVID

A job-site conversation between co-workers about the hardships being suffered due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the Navajo Nation grew into a much larger act of compassion. The Native American communities of Arizona have been especially challenged with a need for water.

After their conversation, Kortman’s Tad Adkins and Foreman, Jon Nez started making phone calls, to see what could be done to help.

Jon Nez and Tad Adkins
Jon Nez and Tad Adkins discussed the water shortage in the Navajo Nation

Adkins contacted some current clients and suppliers to join Kortman, Inc. in making donations, while Nez contacted tribal leaders for help with logistics.

While they focused on building a large, collective donation of bottled water, Nez also worked with the company to secure a pickup truckload of supplies to be sent to his hometown of Twin Lakes, NM on the Navajo Nation. His own parents drove down and picked up a load of bottled-water, face masks, and hand sanitizer from Kortman stock to deliver it in person to the people of Twin Lakes.

HD Supply / Whitecap not only agreed to make a donation themselves, but they also offered a reduced price for other donations, and to stage and load the shipment.

HD Supply / White Cap
HD Supply / White Cap

Other Kortman team members reached out to their contacts and quickly, enough was pledged for a truckload of bottled water.

Kortman’s Mission Statement includes:
“…Our team is dedicated to supporting the communities we live and work in, through outreach and volunteer events, as well as stewardship for our environment through the use of energy conscious resources and solutions. “

The load consisted of donations from clients, suppliers, and family:

The effort reflected an incredible amount of teamwork. When the initial trucking arrangements were delayed, Jolyana Kroupa and Patricia K. Hibbeler of the Phoenix Indian Center secured the help of Lieutenant Whittemore of the Arizona Army National Guard.

Soldiers of the National Guard arrived at HD Supply with semi-trucks before 6 am, to pick up the water.

AZ National Guard Truck
Preparing to load water pallets
From left: Alex Romero, Tad Adkins (Kortman), Tony Mata (Kortman), & HD Supply Store Manager- Mike Martinez

Pallet after pallet came out of the warehouse to be loaded into the trailer.

Loading Donated Water

When the load was complete, the soldiers pulled away from the loading dock to begin the long journey to Northern Arizona where it would be distributed to the communities in need.

Rolling out

This action was a part of a larger donation effort through the Phoenix Indian Center that totaled three truckloads of bottled water, cleaning supplies and sanitizer, face masks, nonperishable foods, pet food, and baby necessities.

AZ National Guard loaded and rolling
Rolling out!

Thank you to all of our suppliers, vendors, and family that made generous contributions.

Jonathan Nez and Thomas Adkins
Supporting the Navajo Nation During COVID

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