We take the Pledge: Suicide Prevention in Construction

September is Suicide Prevention Month.  According to the CDC, construction occupations have the highest rate of suicide and the highest number of suicides across all occupations. In 2019, Kortman joined the Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention and took the pledge.

Construction Industry Alliance Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention Pledge – Contractor


This is to certify that our company will adopt and commit to the principles to STAND up to suicide in construction.  We are signing this charter and pledging to adopt the STAND model for suicide prevention:

Safe: Creating a safe culture where employees feel safe to ask for help if they are having suicidal thoughts or if they are concerned that their co-workers are at risk of suicide.

Training: Making suicide prevention training available to all employees so that they can recognize the warning signs and be equipped to help those at risk.

Awareness: Raising awareness through such organizational activities as safety meetings, toolbox talks, company meetings, newsletters, and social media to share the message of suicide prevention.

Normalizing: Normalizing the topic of suicide prevention as a health and safety priority by talking about suicide, suicide prevention, and mental health.

Decrease: Decreasing the risk of suicide in construction by helping to ensure access to and awareness of EAPs, behavioral health benefits, screening tools, community crisis support, the Suicide Prevention Lifeline, and Crisis Text Line.

As a company, we are committed to this STAND model for Suicide Prevention and will use it to impact our organization and share it with others in the industry.

The Suicide Prevention Lifeline   https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/   1 800 276-TALK (8255)

The Crisis Text Line      https://www.crisistextline.org/      text “HOME” to 741741

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