Supporting the unique electrical needs of education facility construction is a cornerstone of Kortman. We offer more than twenty-five years experience in both new construction and campus remodeling. Our knowledge spans all educational facility levels including, elementary, high school and university. We also understand what it means to work seamlessly on campus – in and around students and staff.

In addition to delivering you a properly wired project, Kortman provides all of the broader elements you need for an expertly delivered educational facility. We consider all aspects of project delivery from electrical engineering and systems integration to service after the job has been completed. We can help you design electrical and lighting systems that incorporate specialized educational facility nuances such as theater, fire, security access, sports venues and many more.

Our design contributions draw upon our understanding of the latest technologies that will help you achieve the very best energy efficiency, cost objectives and on-time project completion.

We invite you to examine our report card when it comes to supporting educational facility projects!

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